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Wedding Planning that's a little bit different

10 tips for planning a wedding on a budget
HOW TO ACHIEVE YOUR PERFECT DAY, WITHOUT THE PRICE TAG. So your partner finally pops the question, and all of a sudden you are planning your life together – brainstorming where you might live, the names of your children, your travel bucket list…it really is one of the most amazing moments you will ever experience. [...]
Digital Wedding Invitations vs Traditional Invitations – why Digital is the way forward!
Throughout the pandemic, we all felt for the couples who had to postpone numerous times, and I can only imagine how stressful it would have been realising that your beautiful invitations that had been sent to your guests were no longer correct.  Whilst we all experienced a significant switch to a digital age, so did[...]
How to DIY your own wedding video
It's time to get creative. We all know that when you are planning your wedding, often it’s the videographer that gets the cut.  Photography is deemed more important, when really...having a video of your wedding to reflect on is pretty damn special.  For me, I knew I wanted to achieve it because I really wanted[...]
Why you should be considering a Micro Wedding
...AND WHY WE HOPE THEY WILL STICK AROUND! As couples grappled with the uncertain impact of Covid restrictions throughout 2020, majority of couples who had planned to get married this year were faced with the tough decision - do we go ahead and throw a party later, do we elope, or do we have a[...]
Stylish and Sustainable Bridesmaid Options
I don’t know if it’s an age thing, but the older I get, the more conscious I am about what I am purchasing. Too many
Talking smaller weddings with The Altar Electric
I discovered the crew from The Altar Electric a little while back, long before COVID, and they stood out because they offered
Real Bride:  Shopping for your engagement ring
I met my husband one night at a very dingy, un-cool pub that I have now grown to adore…the Swan Hotel in Richmond. My friends and I had tried to get in to another bar down the road but it was full, so we settled for the pub down the road knowing they had a[...]
Recently I posted about the benefits of finding a venue that allows you to BYO, and a couple of you suggested how helpful it would be if there was a list of BYO venues you could use as a starting point for your research. With so many amazing couples constantly researching wedding venues, I thought[...]
Real Bride:  “We cancelled our wedding, just after we had sent out the save the dates!”
I spotted Katelyn & Jack's wedding a few weeks back, and it really stood out to me because the timing of her beautiful photo.  At a time when every single photo was a 'flashback' or a 'remember when', their wedding was in real time; so I knew that behind those gorgeous photos was a story[...]
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