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OYD Online Planner

OYD Online Planner


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Product Description

Wedding Planning can feel like you have dozens of wedding tabs open in your brain at any one time!  This Online Planner takes the headache and the frustration out of all of that, providing you with an easy-to-use online platform to store all of your ideas, research and information.

We created an Online Planner, because let’s face it, it doesn’t make much sense to write down a hyperlink in a pretty notebook if you can’t click on it, and there’s no point handwriting guests names if you can’t click something to send them an email.  If you’re serious about planning your wedding, you need to be capturing everything in an online system.

When you first log in, you will be welcomed by your Wedding Dashboard which gives you a countdown to your wedding, overview of your budget, overview of your RSVP’s, as well as your most urgent tasks.  To customise the countdown to your date, simply click on the date and pop yours in.

It has all the tabs listed down the left hand side, and our customers often say that this visual layout makes the task of planning a large event seem far less overwhelming.

Next, let’ walk through the tabs:  

Guest List: 

In this section, you need to create a card for each guest.  This can take some time initially, but it is really important to populate all the info so it feeds through to other areas within the platform.  It captures Name, Address, Email, Dietary Requirements, RSVP, and lots of helpful info.  The best part about the Guest List is that you can export to Excel (for sending email), and export to PDF (if you need to send to the caterer, venue etc)

To Do List:  

This section comes with a template, but is completely customisable.  You can create your own headings/categories, then add tasks underneath.  Each task then gets marked as outstanding, in progress or complete.  You can mark as complete, or simply delete the tasks as you complete them.  


This section is again completely customisable to your wedding.  With each line item, you can track your estimated spend, your deposits, amount outstanding and overall cost.  Everything automatically calculates and displays the key figures on the summary page.  Customers love this page as it helped them to visualise their spending, and also gave them a simple platform that their partner could access at any time to see where spending was at.


We love this page because it helps you house your product and vendor shortlists in one spot!  You can create categories for everything that you need, then whenever you find a potential product/supplier, you add in their business name, hyperlink to the product/service, details of quote, and any notes.  So helpful!

Run Sheet: 

This section comes with three lists – we have pre populated as ‘Day Before’ ‘Wedding Day’ and ‘Day After’, but you can click on the titles to amend to whatever you need.  This section comes with a pre-populated template, but again, you can just add/edit/delete the list items to whatever you need.  We love that that this section has a print to PDF option, so you can literally design your run sheet, print 10 copies the week before the wedding, and hand them to whoever wants to know the schedule.  So much easier than furling hundreds of logistical questions when all you want to do is relax!


This section is helpful if you want to track your music, and give your DJ a list of songs you love, and songs you would rather not hear!  It also has a Ceremony section where you can add the songs for walking down the aisle, signing papers etc.  It also has a section where you can house Spotify playlists, and if you’re a bit stuck, this page comes with links to our ‘Canapes’, ‘Dance Floor’, ‘Down The Aisle’ and ‘Golden Oldies’ playlists.

Seating Plan: 

Every time you capture a guest as ‘attending’ they are added to a list on the right hand side of this page.  From there, you just need to create your number of tables.  When you are ready to start adding guests, you start typing their name on each table and the guest will automatically pop up.  Easiest way to explain seating positions?  Start with the person at the top of the list, and explain that the person underneath will sit to their left, and so on and so forth.  Once all your tables are populated, you can press print and send your seating plan off to your venue, seating plan designer, caterer…whoever needs it!

The Best Part?

You can print each page of the Online Planner.  If you want an entire wedding plan, you select ‘Print All’ on the summary page and ‘wala’, you have your Wedding Plan.  

A few things to note:

  • User set up isn’t automatic so you will receive your login access within 24 hours (far quicker if possible)
  • You will receive an email straight after your purchase with the access link and your login details
  • When placing order, please advise in ‘Add a note to your order’ if this is a gift, and their/your wedding date (if known).  If purchasing as a gift, please include the email address of the recipient so we can set up their log in details correctly.
  • The Online Planner is currently only available in a web application, however our phone app isn’t far away.  You can access on your phone, but the experience is far better from your computer using a Chrome browser.


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