Thinking of selling your gown? Here are our top tips for making sure it sells quickly.

So your friend talks you in to trying on some really expensive designer dresses for fun…then one fits…and it looks ah-maz-ing. All of a sudden you find yourself pleading with your partner to let you buy the dress, on the proviso that you sell it after the wedding for a minimum of 50% of the price. Sound familiar? 

We’ve all been there, or at least contemplated this option! Well, lucky for us, there is now a rising trend of sites focussing on helping brides sell their pre-loved gowns.  But with so many brides trying the same thing, how will you make your pre-loved gown stand out?  In todays post, we cover our top tips for presenting your gown in order to make the sale as quickly as possible.

1:  Get Snapping

 Take some photos!  You know you are going to sell your dress, so why not take some pictures before it is actually worn on the big day?  Some brides actually sell their dress before they have even got married…I would personally find that a little stressful, but there’s no harm taking some photos while it is in pristine condition!

2:  Take Care

If your gown has loads of fabric buttons on the back, ask whoever is doing it up to pop on a pair of gloves!  Fingers can get really grotty, and if they are fumbling with your buttons, it can simply rub off… especially if you are struggling to do them up. Such an easy way to keep them clean and ensure they don’t get dirty!

3:  Be Sensible

Firstly, if you know you are going to sell your gown, consider doing a change before or during the reception in to something more comfortable.  Let’s face it, the longer you are dancing around boozy guests in high heels, the more likely you are to stain or damage your dress.  When the time feels right, slip in to something more comfortable and dance the night away stress free!

4:  Fresh & Clean

Get your dress cleaned and fix up any issues!  This one almost goes without saying, but get your dress cleaned as soon as possible after the big day to minimise any damage to the gown.  There’s bound to little marks from makeup & champagne, so to give yourself the best chance of reselling, get these attended to asap.

5:  Pop it away

Make sure you store it in a dust free container, although most good cleaning companies will do this for you as part of their service. It should really be sealed air free, so don’t just bung it in a plastic bag as this can trap humidity and cause mould to grow on the fabric.

6:  Pictures say a thousand words

Include loads of photos.  Obviously include photos from your wedding day, and you can always take some screen shots of the dress from the designers website.

Customers will want a realistic view of the dress, so it’s important to either photograph it hanging on a wardrobe, or try it on again.  Think of it as a mini photo shoot – make sure you have loads of light so you can capture the dress in its best possible light.  Make sure you capture the details and provide lots of close up shots.   Ask a friend to take the photo for you…this gown deserves more than a selfie!

7:  Be Honest

Pre loved wedding dresses may have issues, so just be open about it!  If there is a flaw that can be fixed, make sure you are honest and specify exactly what the issue is so the buyer is aware before they commit to the purchase.

8:  Include lots of detail

Be exact about your measurements, the designer, the sizing, any tailoring, and describe the type of material – the more info the better.  At the end of the day the buyer is purchasing an emotionally important item from an online site, so the more reassurance you can provide the better.

9:  Price it fairly

Include the original price so you can highlight the amazing cost saving!  When it comes to selling your dress, be careful not to list the price as too expensive or too cheap, as it simply sparks question marks in the buyers mind. Do your research, check out other similar dresses, and list your dress at a medium price, which feels fair.  Most dress’ will sell for around half the original cost.

10:  Communication is key

If someone is interested, treat them how you would like to be treated!  Remember that this is an exciting purchase for them, so it’s important to keep your communication prompt, warm and honest.  How you handle the sale becomes their story of how they found ‘the one’, so it really important that they have a positive story to tell!