Let's talk weddings.

  • Planning a wedding in a pandemic - our tips for saving your mental health

    Whilst we would love to close the Covid chapter, it feels like it may stick around for a little longer.  With that in mind, I thought I would share some tips for managing your stress throughout this ever changing pandemic environment.
  • Stylish yet sustainable bridesmaid options

    In this post we explore sustainable bridesmaid options, and how everything wedding related doesn't necessarily need to be brand new to look incredible!
  • Real Bride: Surprise! Welcome To Our Wedding.

    In this post, we interview a couple who decided to throw the idea of a traditional wedding out the window, and create a day that was a true reflection of them.  The result?  Absolute magic!
  • The Wedding Equation

    In this blog post we address the challenges of cutting down your guest list numbers, and help you understand why the numbers add up so quickly! A great blog post to share with family members if you are feeling pressure to invite extended family and friends.
  • How to DIY your Wedding Video

    Today we explore how you can create your own wedding video, for a fraction of the cost.  If you are open to considering a less professional video that still captures all the special moments, this one is for you!
  • Digital Wedding Invitations - the way forward!

    In this blog post, we invite Penelope from Designing Love to share her thoughts on digital wedding invitations and why every couple should be considering this option for their big day.
  • Australian Venues that allow you to BYO

    As a response to request from savvy couples, I have created a list of Australian wedding venues that allow you to BYO.  This list is updated regularly and ever growing, so please let me know if you have more to add!  This list of venues has been offered to OYD from couples, so please contact the venue directly to enquire and confirm.
  • The best punch recipe you'll ever find

    Today we share the best punch recipe you will ever find!  Not only is it absolutely delicious, it's a great way to save money and your guests will love drinking something different to the standard wine/champagne options!
  • Make your skin glow for your big day, without breaking the bank.

    We know every Bride wants to achieve perfect skin for their big day.  Problem is, the beauty market is completely saturated with products promising to deliver incredible results.  In todays post, we speak with Jane Marshall, Skin Specialist, to get her advice on how to achieve that wedding glow.
  • The Ambitious Alcohol Order

    Struggling with your alcohol order?  Look no further!  We partnered with the experts at Boutique Event Co to get their thoughts on what to order, as well as quantities, to ensure you have catering perfectly for your guests.
  • Thinking of selling your gown? Here are our top tips for making sure it sells quickly.

    With the rising trend of brides selling their pre loved wedding gowns, we cover our top tips for presenting your gown for sale, ensuring you find a buyer as quickly as possible!
  • Why you should be considering a micro wedding

    As couples grapple with the uncertain impact of Covid restrictions throughout 2020/21, majority of couples who had planned to get married this year were faced with the tough decision – do we go ahead and throw a party later, do we elope, or do we have a micro wedding?  Today we explore the benefits of switching to a micro wedding and why it might not be such a bad after all!