A message from our Founder

I was once like you – engaged, in love, and excited to walk down the aisle to marry the partner of my dreams. You can picture your perfect wedding day, but making it a reality seems to come attached to a never-ending to-do list, ridiculously overpriced quotes, and a general feeling of not knowing where to start (or how you can afford it)!

You have no experience in events other than attending them; yet all of a sudden you have become a part time event manager, and the next year of weekends seem to have dissolved in to hours of administration, research and meetings…sound familiar?

For this very reason, I decided to start Own Your Day Weddings.

I'm on a mission to revolutionise the wedding planning experience for couples by giving you access to wedding planning tools that will guide you through, show you the shortcuts, keep you organised, and give you cost saving ideas that will literally save you thousands.

In addition to that, you gain access to a community of couples who are on the same wedding planning journey where you can share ideas, referrals, ask questions and share your wins!

I genuinely hope you find these resources and connections useful - please feel free to reach out if you have questions or have any ideas for us!

Happy Planning!

Laura Rust