Why you should be considering a micro wedding

As couples grappled with the uncertain impact of Covid restrictions throughout 2020, majority of couples who had planned to get married this year were faced with the tough decision – do we go ahead and throw a party later, do we elope, or do we have a micro wedding? 

Funnily enough, I don’t even think ‘micro wedding’ was a term before 2020, then all of a sudden we saw a rise in this amazing trend as couples decided to scrap their original plan to run with plan B – making a statement that they did not want the timing of their next chapter to be defined by COVID.  That nothing, not even a pandemic, could stop them from committing to each other for the rest of their lives.

Seriously, is there anything more romantic? 

So as we wrap up 2020, I thought it would be fun to reflect on our love for micro weddings, and highlight why they are such an incredible alternative for anyone planning their wedding in 2021!

Quality vs quantity

Anyone who has been married before will tell you that time flies on your wedding day, simply because you spend your day making small talk with roughly 100+ guests!  Everyone wants to spend their five minutes with the star attraction of the day, and unfortunately that time really adds up!  It’s lovely, but it’s also exhausting as you are essentially hosting the biggest party of your life.

Micro weddings are amazing because they allow you to you cut the small talk and swap it with meaningful conversation with the people you love the most.

Spend time with your love

Everyone tells you to steal your partner away for ten minutes to soak up the moment together…but isn’t that a little strange on the day you are celebrating your marriage to each other?  Shouldn’t your time together be more like hours, rather than minutes?  Having a micro wedding completely flips this concept as you get to enjoy the entire day, together.

Dodge the drama

As soon as you mention you are having a micro wedding, people get it.  You are only inviting your immediate family and a couple of your closest friends so no-one can get upset if they don’t make the guest list.  If there is one good thing Covid has given us, it’s the permission to invite who you want, and explain to others that you simply didn’t want the stress of cancelling a large wedding.  If you still feel pressure, simply say you’ll probably throw a big party once all of the Covid madness is over…even if that never actually eventuates!

Get creative with your location

Lower numbers allows you to completely open up your choice of venue!  Why not splash out on an incredible setting, treating your favourite people to an experience they will never forget?  You could set up a Glamping village, fly them interstate for a weekend away, book an amazing Airbnb and get married in the garden…the options are endless (and seriously fun to brainstorm!)

Make your guests feel special

Having lower numbers allows you to personalise the experience for each of your guests.  As much as the day is about you and your partner, a micro wedding also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate how much each person means to you.  You could write each person a note, mention each person in your speech, create meaningful wedding favours, ask each person to share their favourite memory of your relationship…it really is a great opportunity to show just how much you adore them and value them in your life.

Say goodbye to stress

Fact is, organising a large event is stressful and can get pretty overwhelming.  Having a micro wedding really does reduce the to do list and makes the wedding planning process FAR easier to manage.  If you are feeling anxious at the thought of organising a huge wedding, a micro wedding might be just the right alternative!

Save a tonne of money

This one is pretty obvious…but seriously…think about what you could do with the money you save!  It would give you such an incredible head start for your next chapter.  If Covid has taught us anything, it has shown us the importance of savings, with majority of people realising just how lucky they are to have a job in 2020.

A dining experience

Less guests means that you can go all out with the food!  Why not research incredible caterers and delight your guests with a meal they will remember forever?  You could even challenge the caterer to come up with something truly memorable, giving them creative licence to go all out.  If you’re a foodie this would be such an amazing option!

Enjoy the day

…because your schedule is flexible!  Majority of couples have to plan their day down to 15 minute intervals, so you are constantly feeling rushed and worrying about whether you are ‘on time’.  A micro wedding allows you and your guests to relax and feel present in the moment, simply because there are less logistics and less people to organise…heaven.

Have fun with it!

My key tip would be figure out how you can make the day special…then keep that secret to yourselves (insanely difficult I know)

It is such an opportunity to create an incredible experience ad celebrate with the people who will be there throughout your life.  It doesn’t need to be expensive, just try to get creative and incorporate thoughtful elements that will delight your guests.  You only get this day once, and you know this group of people will reflect on this day forever, so challenge yourself to come up with something truly unique, fun and meaningful…you won’t regret it!