Let's talk weddings.

  • Getting married on a budget? Here are my top tips for saving your hard earned dollars.

    In this post we explore my top tips for saving money!  We all know wedding can get expensive, but with some creative thinking and smart decisions, you really can save thousands.
  • The awkward conversation that could literally save you thousands.

    In this blog post, we explore the risks of having your wedding dress custom made.  The things you need to be aware of, the questions your need to be asking, as well as the importance of reading the fine print of any contracts.  We share this real bride story in the hope of educating other brides, helping them avoid the same experience.
  • The Wedding Tax - is it really a thing?

    The Wedding Tax is a phrase that get’s thrown around a lot and tends to annoy a lot of people; whether it’s the couples who feel they are be...